Youtube video inside a lightbox. How to hide the Youtube recommendations?

Hello everyone, I have a Youtube video inside a lightbox. I want prevent Youtube from showing related videos when pausing or at the end of the video. I found out about the $rel=0 parameter, but this doesn’t seem to work (it seems to be deprecated)

On the other hand, the Youtube widget has the option to hide the related videos, and it works.

The problem is, there’s no way to add a Youtube widget or a html embed inside a lightbox.

Do you have any suggestions? Should I create a custom lightbox from scratch?

Thank you!

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We also have the same request.

@Dario and @bhinson

YouTube no longer directly supports suppressing the related videos list.

There are currently 3 modes of operation with YouTube embeds and the related videos list at the end;

  • Default, which shows related videos from any channel YouTube chooses to
  • rel=0, which shows related videos only from the same channel as the video
  • No related videos, which is done using enablejsapi=1 and some JS+CSS. See here on Stack Overflow for code.

Any of those can be used if you’re using HTML Embeds and/or a 3rd party lightbox such as fancybox.

Inside of Webflow, the YouTube player has the rel=0 option exposed as a setting called “Limit related videos to channel.” @Dario for me, adding “Privacy mode” does not make the cards disappear.

In the Lightbox, you can also channel-limit videos by adding &rel=0 to the end of the YouTube video URL before you paste it in.

If you really want to display all related videos ( same channel included ), you may be able to adapt Max Laumeister’s scripts here.

Hey @memetican,

thanks for your reply!

In the Lightbox, you can also channel-limit videos by adding &rel=0 to the end of the YouTube video URL before you paste it in.

Unfortunately, adding rel=0 does not work in Webflow. rel=0 works when you are just entering the URL in your browser. However, Webflow ignores the rel=0 flag…

This is the URL that I tried to embed to a lightbox in Webflow:

Here is a demo of the issue:

Hey Nils, YouTube parses its different URL formats differently including its embed & minified formats.

In your example try the default YouTube URL for your video e.g.;

It’s possible things have changed but this approach has always worked well for me on projects, although again it doesn’t remove the cards, it only channel-restricts them.

Thanks for help me .