Issues tracking YouTube Video Views via GTM using GA4

I’ve been installing GA4 tracking of YouTube Videos via GTM. The only way I’ve managed to get this working is by enabling add JavaScript API support to all youtube videos, which involves reloading them and inserting elements that support tracking.

My problem here is that now I have tracking, but the reload causes flicker which is a user experience / performance issue.

It looks like this is because the video element currently uses the api which strips some parameters away and seems to remove the enablejsapi=1 parameter which is essential for tracking.

I’m documenting this as I wish there was a built in fix to enable GA4, GTM and YouTube videos to work together easily on Webflow.

Yes, I guess I can still do a custom HTML embed…

The GTM video tracking installation process is documented here:

Trouble shooting errors is documented here:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Bip Bap Bop

Hi, Matt i’m having the same issue. Did you already try adding a script for deleting the data-gtm-yt-inspected when the session starts and activate when someone clics in the thumbnail.

Hi Melissa,

I’ve implemented the custom code everywhere which solved the issue.