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Youtube video doesn´t show on live site

Hi there,

I just launched my new portfolio but on the live site the youtube videos which i embed for each project doesn’t show anymore on the live version.

In the preview version in webflow it is all fine.

Somehow it worked for the first hours but suddenly not anymore.

What can the problem be?

Project Example:


It’s not even rendering the video in the markup.


Do you have any custom JavaScript on the page or custom attributes on the video element?

I tested your video at the bottom of this page with a standard Webflow video element and it worked just fine:

I would try deleting the existing video element and re-adding it.

Hi thank you for the respond.

no nth only that

::selection {color: black; background: #191919;}

in the head.

I also tried to delete the video element but I still have the same problem on every project site.

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