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In the preview, there is a video in the background. There is no published website

In the preview, there is a video in the background. There is no published website.

I’ll check it out. I have no video. Thanks for the input.


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Hey @Barsik

That’s because you have a Custom Code/Script in the <head> of your website.

You should definitely move that to before </body> / Footer Code on your website. Once you do that that should work :slight_smile:

In general, in HTML/Javascript combination, if there is an error in JS at the beginning of the file, it won’t read the rest. webflow.js, that runs all wf-native scripts is at the very bottom, before </body> tag so it’s not even running if there is an error above it.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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I removed the code. unfortunately it didn’t help. video background still not playing

Nope, it still doesn’t work, but we have cleared out issues you had and now can see that there is a problem with loading the video you’ve uploaded. See below

Can you make sure that the video you’re uploading doesn’t contain any special characters (even try removing spaces), and re-upload them? Things like special chars coming from the native language, like ä, ö etc. Would be good to try renaming in the way where spaces are replaced with - signs.

Let me know if that helps. If that’s still an issue, please upload those videos here so we can verify those on our end. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:



I was referring. That helped. Thank you.

But there was one more bug. In the preview page “Milestones” there is a slider below, But there is not on published website.


With Lightbox something wrong…

Hi @Barsik

Sometimes interactions can mess with components like the slider as it already has interactions built into it.

To resolve this, you can remove the interactions from the slides and the slider. The add a div and nest the slider 3 inside. Then you can add the interaction to the new div. Like this:

I also recommend removing the 500ms wait time from the interaction step and adding it as the first step:

Hope this helps!

Unfortunately, it didn’t help :confused:

I made a quick video to show how to make this setup work :slight_smile:


Hope that helps!

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You even recorded a video specifically for me! Thank you very much for your help and promptness. Now everything works. You are the best tech support in the world!

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Thanks @Barsik!! that picture rocks!

Happy to help :grin:

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