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Video embeds not working in designer

Is anyone else having problems with video embeds not working correctly in the designer? When I place the embed from the elements it shows up just fine.

Yet, when I go to link it to either a static youtube video OR a video from the CMS collection, it disappears.

If i toggle to preview, it doesn’t work either.
Yet, once I publish it, it appears just fine.

This has happened to me on two different MacBooks, running either Safari or Chrome… up to date.

Which is kind of a pain, since the website that I’m designing is based on videos. Any thoughts?

Can you please share your read-only link so we can look into it?

@PixelGeek, thanks, here’s the link…

Hi, @russatfuturechurch

Try to change the URLs for video files. Copy urls from the sharing options under the video on youtube, instead of using url from the browser

For example: instead of “” use “


Thanks, @sabanna, unfortunately that didn’t seem to work for me… same issue… weird, especially since it wasn’t happening when I first started to work on the site. It all started when I ended up having to create new collections as the slugs had to change. So I unbound all of the fields in a previous collections template, then copied and pasted that design into the new collections template and then rebound everything to the new classes… I’m wondering if that has something to do with it?

It is really weird.
When I am adding the URL manually (not connecting to dynamic collection data) it shows correct

@sabanna, things have gone bad to worse… the only dynamic video that is working at the moment is the one on the home page (but only on the published page… it appears neither in the designer nor in the preview view). I inspected the published pages and found that the video embed iframes don’t show up. I thought I’d try to outsmart whatever was happening, so I replaced the video with an embed. Then using the “Add field” in the embed, I tried binding youtube video link into the code. That didn’t work. Then I tried clearing out the code all together and copied the code from youtube into the collection and linked that into the embed. Also didn’t work. I have absolutely no ideas… if you have ANY more ideas, I’m all ears. Here’s the read-only link again.

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