Problems with the YouTube embed function

I have problems embedding multiple YouTube-videos on a page in Webflow.
Page loads really slow and console prints errors related to the embed. See screenshot.

Please help


Read only link:

Share the published url so we can also inspect the console.

Hi, and sorry about that, @webdev . Url is:

Try using the YouTube component instead of the generic video component.

To improve speed, try showing one language at a time instead of all five per video. You can use tabs, or conditional visibility for this.

Thanks, @joejola. I didn’t know Webflow had an own YouTube component.
At a closer look, the component doesn’t seem to work with videos from collections…

When it comes to language, I’m not sure this can be solved by conditional visibility. We are using Weglot, and it does not communicate directly with Webflow. Not sure how your “Tab solution” would look like?


Don’t know if this will solve your issue @joejola, but see if there is an extra space in the YouTube component. Try typing in some text and then deleting it and making sure there isn’t anything extra there that is not visible to the naked eye.

I’m sorry for the misunderstanding. The tabs and conditional visibility suggestion isn’t for languages, but for videos. Currently, you have all five videos per language showing at once. Tabs could help viewers by hiding the other four videos. This could help improve speed and user experience.

NP @joejola. We solved it with a lot of custom code instead.

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