Youtube URL error message : "Sorry that URL can’t be embedded"

I am trying to upload a video within a CMS Collection as a blog post.
If I add the YouTube URL to the Video Link field I got no error message but nothing is published.
If I add a video element to the body of my blogpost I get an error message saying “Sorry that URL can’t be embedded” and I cannot proceed further.
Kindly advise. I tried to browse the forum to find out if video URL need to abide to certain conditions without success.

I just tried to upload same video into a non CMS collection element - got the same problem.
I tried to upload another video (one uploaded earlier and another taken randomly from Youtube) and it worked. So apparently there is an issue with the youtube link itself not supported by webflow. As a further clarification I just uploaded my video on youtube less than an hour ago. Which leads me to another question below:

Does it mean that there is a cooling period for the URL link to be recognized as valid by Webflow?

To further specify the request the youtubelink I am trying to incorporate is the following :

I did not find any content here stating what restriction Webflow may apply to Youtube URL YouTube video | Webflow University

The URL format for YouTube shorts aren’t supported by Webflow, but you can change it to a standard one to make it work. I’ve done a write up on that here-