Youtube content not found


I have a simple blog site.
I create and publish posts through CMS Collections.

Today, I can’t insert a video in the editor. When I insert the link to the video, an error message “Youtube content not found” is shown.

Previously, I was inserting videos without any problem. The same videos are in the same posts.

What am I doing wrong?

Webflow is very picky about the way embedded media links are formed.
What YouTube link are you trying to insert?

I’ve tried both link formats:

I think this is one more webflow bug.

Interesting to see a response from webflow support, as I haven’t found any other way to describe my problem. Too bad my account is paid for a year in advance :frowning:

Sorry for the bump, but just encountered this, and as this is the top-rank for the error in Google, thought I’d add my workaround. I simply used the “share” button on Youtube, set it to start at 1 second, and shared that link. I also changed the shortened URL to the normal one. This worked for me, it meant it started a second later than it should of, but that was fine for this video.