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Can't add video URL to item in CMS

Getting "Must be a valid video URL’ error to completely valid YouTube videos.

Both in Designer and Editor.

Same issue :frowning: Restarting Designer or computer doesn’t fix anything :confused:

Same here… I client of mine just reported this to me as well.

@TheWildType and other people who commented, have you sent in a bug report about this?

Contacted support about this and got the following response:

Hi there,

My name is David from the Webflow Customer Support Team.

That is certainly an interesting error and frustrating. I tested also and can see that YouTube links are failing for me also in the video link field.

It seems that there is currently an issue with Embedly service that is used for this field. I can see that our engineers have reported the issue and are looking into options.

Can see that users are reporting issues with Embedly at the moment also on Twitter -

I’ll let you know as soon as I have more information.


I really hope a solution is found for this soon because this bug was reported to me about a half hour after I handed over the clients site. Looks really bad and unprofessional on my part.

@TheWildType ah, that’s what’s going on. Sorry to hear about the timing, glad support was aware of the issue. This is something webflow can’t control of course since it’s a third-party service.

Although I can understand that in part, it’s still the responsibility of Webflow to make sure they have a functioning product for paying clients. However, I do understand that some unpredicted things can go bad from time to time. Seems like they’re working on it…

HI ALL - I got around this issue by copying the ‘iframe’ code of my youtube video into Webflow’s Embed element! Maybe you guys can do this to overcome the issue temporarily : )

Hi there! Any news about it? I should put some self hosted video so I can’t copy the iframe from Youtube…

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