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Yet another OVH Custom domain not working :(

Hi everyone!

Many people already had this issue before, and I tried to solve it by myself. I‘ve checked and did what is told to in those topics:

This situation is puzzling. I’ve done it before and I don‘t know why this time it‘s not working.

As you can see on these screenshots my CNAME and A records are set as it supposed to be:

I have of course deleted the TXT entries as it was suggested by ColibriMedia.

The custom domains are connected to webflow:

I‘ve checked if the root domain was well propagated:

And I’ve flushed my DNS cache on my laptop.

After all this, I‘m still stuck with a broken redirected domain name.

But I think I‘ve got a clue on what could go wrong with this.

As you can see the domain name is made of a double www. :

I just can‘t figure why the hell this domain is set like this…

Does anyone have any idea ?
This would be much appreciated.

Thanks to all of you :slight_smile

Hi again.
After digging a bit more on this www.www. issue

I have find out that the website seems to work on different browsers such as firefox, chrome, safari and so. But not on Brave.

So I‘ll keep seeking for any further informations and if anyone come accross this topic and got any Ideas I’ll be glad to hear from them!

Cheers guys.

Hi everyone!

It finally worked this morning.
I‘m not hundred percent sure how and why, but clearing the caches yesterday evening might have helped.

I‘ve seen many other people facing the same issue and there is no clear answer.
So if anyone can explain why this happen sometimes it‘ll be much appreciated.