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Published my site but it's not live

Hi guys,

I published my site using a custom domain brought from 123reg, I published roughly over 50 hours ago and I still can’t view my site.

Should I wait longer? how long does it usually take?

The project settings in my website state that the domain is connected with a green tick.

Just wondered if anyone knew a rough time I should expect to wait for my website to go live.


Hi @Enver_Mehmet,

Root domain looks propagated to me

CNAME as well.

Sometimes that comes from your computer’s DNS cache, you can trying flushing the DNS.

admin cmd prompt → ipconfig /flushdns

Or sometimes that comes from your ISP DNS. You may want to try changing the DNS on your router, use google one or

I believe it’s better practice to use the WWW as default but I don’t remember why, not 100% sure, if someone could confirm or deny ?

Another thing, sometimes your registrar has default TXT entries in the DNS zone that prevent the propagation. See solution in this post

EDIT: Yeah no render of the page, not related to your computer and router.