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Solved || CNAME Record at does not work

Hi Guys,
I wanted to connect my clients site to a domain registered at

The A Records worked fine and webflow shows them as linked.

But the CNAME Records are making problems. They are showed as not linked. These are my CNAME Records at


Can someone help me out? At first I tought I had to wait until the new DNS Settings are pushed, but at this site it can be seen that something went wrong.

Thank you in advantage,
r. meyer

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Hi there,

Thank you so much for reaching out about being unable to connect your custom domain.

I was able to access your site using the www. variant, but noticed, as you have, that the DNS settings don’t seem to reflect the changes:

I am not familiar with, but were you able to reach out to them in regards to the CNAME?

Hi mistercreate,
the OVH customer support has not yet replied and I hope that they will answer soon.

Meanwhile I checked the website of a friend of mine
His sites domain is registered and hostes at OVH, so the A and CNAME records weren’t touched. Also it’s CNAME Records are showing an X at

Maybe I and the customer has to live with that or I find a better registrar working with webflow in Germany.

R. Meyer

Hallo everyone,
so I checked several sites having its domain registered by and had a little chat with their support.

No site had a well propagaded CNAME Record, despite OVH said, that all configurations are right.

As a conclusion I do not transfer the final domain of my client to OVH and am pointing to GoDaddy.



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Oh, that’s good to know.

Thank you so much for providing the update, as I was really interested to see what would suggest.

Thanks again! :bowing_man:

Hi Everyone.

I’ve been puzzled for a few days as well and I’ve been able to fix it. Hope it will work for other webflowers.
Just delete the TXT entries in the DNS Zone. Magically propagated in an instant for me after doing that.
Do not forget to add the “.” at the end of as well.

Have a great day!


Hi Colibri,
that worked quite well! Thank you for that tip.

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I had the same issue and removing the text entries worked well for me too. Thx ColibriMedia :slight_smile:

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Thanks Colibri, it finally worked for me. :sweat_smile:

Btw, if you run into similar problems, make sure to remove password protection on your site if you have one. Otherwise it won’t work either.

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