Yesterday's webinar (Q&A with Vlad Magdalin)

Yesterday’s webinar has been reassuring that progress is not stalling and especially that communication with the community is not being neglected.

Given the exciting prsopects and given the time they undeniably require, I have this question: how could the community volunteer to support work on the upcoming improvements?

I do realize that involving volunteers is actually additional work on its own and that a good intention like this could easily produce the opposite effect of complicating things. But this concern should not stop Webflow from utilizing the amassing amount of community energy; it should only appeal to extra caution.

Therefore, maybe there are simple, uncomplicated ways to involve the community in helping, even prior to Beta testing?


Great suggestion. If there are ways to be involved without creating additional burden to the Webflow team, I’d love to know about it.

thanks for the feedback and for watching! :slight_smile: What I like to think is that Webflow is like how the iPhone was.

When the very first iPhone launched, people got excited. But already wanted more. The community made workarounds or hacks to turn the phone into a simple flashlight.

After the App store launched, the community finally got what they wanted. A way to create something for the tool.

Webflow is almost there. As Vlad mentioned, our engineering team is hard at work at making a plugin marketplace a reality. Once it’s launched, you’ll have a way to not only help us, but help the Webflow community grow with your creations.

Stay tuned! :slight_smile:

Well, what I had in mind was volunteering to help with chore and mundane work on what Webflow is already building. That is, helping the designers do their iPhone designs faster, not proposing different ones. :slight_smile: