Using the community power to improve Webflow faster

Webflow rocks not only because it is a brilliant approach to web design but also because it keeps on a steady flow of introducing new improvements, taking into account user feedback. It would have been gorgeous if we could accelerate that pace of innovation and listening to feedback. Webflow is marvelous but we are still missing a lot of essential functionalities and some glitches remain to be fixed for quite long.

I have been thinking, with such a passionate community that Webflow has, isn’t there a way to channel all this energy into supporting the development of Webflow? Sure, most of us are paying users and this is the cornerstone behind Webflow’s development. But I am fire-sure that a lot of us would render additional help if there was a well organised way to do so.

Of course, I am not speaking about the Wordpress way of growth - everybody freely developing plug-ins and you end up with tons of options to choose from (which takes time), none of which working properly… I am inclined to think that core development should remain in the hands of Webflow’s talented staff. But maybe we users could support the development velocity with supplementary things like refactoring/ QA testing/ best practice research… I really do not know what exactly, as I am not a developer, but I would like to invite professionals in the field to share suggestions.

Another thing which came to my mind was some sort of regular UI contests. Let’s say Webflow is developing a new feature and they already have a design concept for the UI. They could “seek a second-opinion” by announcing a wireframing/ prototyping contest and compare what users would suggest against their own design. Just an idea, I am curious to hear different ones.

My summary point is that Webflow does not only have the community at hand - the power of that community is most probably huge and if properly channeled it could become a significant competitive advantage and development cost reduction mechanism.


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