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General Feedback on Webflow

I’ve been perusing the Webflow forums for some time and have noticed a few more negative type threads of late and wanted to add my bit (this is just my opinion)

First of all, let me say that the team at Webflow, the evangelists and community are all awesome and you rock.

What the team have built here is nothing short of mind-blowing. The craftsmanship in the UI is crazy good and the level of skill and patience required to build a designer that has all the tools and features that Webflow does IN A BROWSER without the browser bottle-necking…well…:clap:

Here is my input on some of the common gripes people have.

  • Pricing
    For me, the pricing levels are fine, I can work with them and make a profit. I do see the point to a degree that some of the community would like an extra tier at the lower end that incorporated, at least, editor functionality for their clients.

  • Wishlist
    I do think this has been neglected a bit and needs some attention. The idea is great but if you look at the wishlist (ordered by popular) there seems to be a disconnect between the highest voted features and what has been prioritised. For example, there are wishlists with less than 100 votes that are ‘in development’, yet ones that are well over 500 with either no status or behind in the backlog.

  • Roadmap
    The need of a roadmap, for me, probably comes from the fact that I have the above issues with the wishlist. I’d just love to see a list of features coming up, even if the dates couldn’t be fixed or exact. Something like by ‘quarter 1 of 2018 these features will be in development’ etc etc. And a regular update of the progress of those features.

But ultimately, I am wholeheartedly happy with progression and development. I actually find it a breath of fresh air that Webflow takes their time on features and do not give in to pressure to release an inferior update full of bugs (just keep us in the loop more).

We have to remember that this tool is, quite honestly, revolutionary and needs to be nurtured and built correctly. One community member said it right, “Webflow has re-invented the wheel”. For me, they are now just strengthening the spokes with Adamantium :wink:

So, keep up the brilliant work and I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon for Webflow.





Thanks for the feedback @JamieBrown! We plan to update everyone with a follow up blog post in the coming weeks. Thanks so much for your patience and support.


That’s great to hear @brryant - your blog post that came not too long after the ‘what’s up with the wishlist’ thread, was both timely and reassuring. The workshop Q+A with Vlad a while later helped keep that momentum.

I’m guessing it’s been all hands on deck to give the new canvas and IX2 that final push over the line, before you can get back to shipping the other highly anticipated features.

I agree with @JamieBrown - and totally understand the difficulty giving exact dates and timeframes. What I would really like is a bit more detail into where a feature is at - so say with the wishlist - we’ve met up to discuss this feature and our research team are doing this, our dev team are doing that, but X other feature is taking a little more time etc…(I understand the need for keeping things under wraps from competition btw)

Rather than being able to say to clients ‘search is coming soon’ I would like to be able to say to clients that it is ‘being actively developed, they are in the final phases and ironing out some bugs so it is the best search it could be’. With just a little more detail/updates from :webflow_heart: I can say this kind of thing confidently to clients, rather than crossing my fingers and hoping that’s where a feature is at.

Looking forward to the next level of awesome :slightly_smiling_face:



Awesome, thank you @brryant

Looking forward to updates!