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Yahoo Domain help needed

Hi All,

I have a client that is using Yahoo domains for their domain provider

I have before successfully set up my domain for my own site though go daddy using their guide but everything is a bit different on yahoo and its currently not working.

I’m not sure what to remove etc.

Here are my screenshots of how it is all acting now.

Any help is hugely appreciated.


So i have added everything like Webflow suggest to for GoDaddy

I think i need to remove some of yahoos original stuff but not sure which :frowning:

Webflows site Image

The client wants the site live now so any help is greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


UPDATE: is working but goes to yahoos under construction page

Your domain resolves for me.

Sometimes - when you add a new domain to a registrar

  • you have to wait 24 to 48 hour depending on your registrar
  • and the dns servers you utilize.

In my case… I use eNom - and domains are resolved within seconds.

If it still does not resolve for you… then your dns servers are probably not updated yet.

Just be patient.

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Yep all are working now - my impatience got to me.


It’s up !!! I can see your website :smile:
Looks nice. I like the colors :slight_smile:

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Thanks - Appreciated.

This is just their soft launch - soon there will be multiple pages with far more info.

If you are interested, heres another client site i launched the other week.

Thanks for the help :smile: