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Domain Connection Problems via GoDaddy, 4-5 days worth of problems

My webflow page is working as expected on my webflow subdomain. But I can’t get my own personal domain working.

I did the connection ‘via godaddy’, and that seemed to work. Webflow tells me it is ‘connected’. But I get weird connection issues when i try to go to [domain removed for security].com, variations of 403s, and other times ‘this site cannot be reached’.

I’ve tried adding it, and readding it.

Can anyone see any problems with the DNS settings on the godaddy side?

Do you have any other suggestions?

I really need to get it live soon, and any help would be appreciated.

[imgs deleted for security]

You should make www the default as Webflow has issues with redirects on the root domain. See if that resolves your issue.

Thanks Jeff. I’ve tried this, but not much has happened.

[img deleted]

Do I need to get rid of the top one?

Any idea about all of the DNS settings on the page, looks like there might be a bit too many items / conflicts ?

Jeff, that seems to have worked! Cheers for that.