Would love your feedback! 🙏🏼 Site for Nutritionist & Health Blogger [CMS, custom navigation, Instagram & Disqis integration]

This is my first professional client. Our goals were to:

  1. Rebrand
  2. Redesign her website

We’re nearing the finish line, and would love any feedback before we go live later this month! There is some content outstanding, so don’t mind that!

This is the redesigned site in Weblfow

This is the original site, for a ‘from’ perspective, if interested.

I would love any feedback, but am particularly interested in thoughts on the layout / structure / navigation of the Recipes and Resources sections. I am also trying to determine the best approach for search functionality, so users can search for specific blog articles and recipes.

Thanks in advance for your time, and to this entire community for all the support up until this point!



Great work ! Work nice for me.
The design is great, readable.

Few issues.

Your background image should not be on repeat i guess ?

I think some image are way too heavy like this one for example which is 4mo and png. If you don’t have transparent background use jpg for this (this will be smaller).

Contact doesn’t work but i guess you know it ?

About this, i would prefer a big white close button at the top left/right corner instead of the tiny tiny grey sentence.
When i clicked on get it know, this popup and i didn’t notice how to close it. Instantly felt spammed :slight_smile:

About the navigation in general on the site, i’m not sure if i’m the good person to give you feedback since i’m not a native English.

Hope it will help :wink:

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Site performance is really important for professional sites, so for example you have 6.3MB on the homepage, which is far to heavy imo, as that takes 31.80 seconds to finish loading on a 2MB standard DSL broadband connection, and so needs optimizing as ideally you only want up to 2MB on the initial load as even that will take around 10 seconds for 2MB of content. As research shows that people don’t wait around very long before clicking away if a site is taking too long to load.

To help improve your site go to https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

And run a test on the url and it will show you the problems and how to fix them.

I did one for you and have attached screenshots below:

I hope that helps

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Thanks a lot for taking a look! Super helpful advice.

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Thank you as well! I completely overlooked this aspect of things. Much appreciated!

Very clean design, you’ve positioned the website well for the intended audience without making it lifeless.

On this page the ‘Wellness Challenges’ section is indented.

Also picked up on the slow loading speed immediately - took some time for the icons in the drop-down navigation to appear, however the interaction itself works very nicely. One addition to this might be to add a slight delay to the dropdown, perhaps 200-300ms, just enough for if someone scrolls over unintentionally?

The recipes page seems a little laggy. Also at mobile size (whilst viewing on desktop), you seem to have a spacing issue with your fixed nav that covers the top of the introduction text (this is the only page without a banner image on mobile).

Favicon is missing.

The search feature is well integrated - nice.

For image compression, check these out:

https://kraken.io/ (this one works great, but has a limit of 1mb per image if you’re using their free web app)

One last thing… I would maybe consider tightening up the typography just a little. Perhaps decrease the max-width of the paragraphs.

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Thank you so much @JoeMillion. I really appreciate the feedback. I have made a bunch of updates here based on your comments. I’m now running my attention to figuring out image compression/optimization to improve site loading speed (especially on this recipes page…)

Nice work.

A couple of things. The padding on the top nav bar for the two dropdown menu’s “Your Health” and “Resources” is slightly off - they need to be moved down a pixel or two.

There’s an issue on the Resources page for nutrition tips - i think flx box needs to set to stretch horizontally.

Can I ask you what you used to get the instagram photos at the bottom? Is that a plugin or just part of the CMS?

Pretty much as above. The main thing for me was the image sizes. Running them through a compression programme will bring them down dramatically.

I ran that 4MB image through a very quick compression app that I have and it came down to around 300KB which is a massive bandwidth saver. Probably could have gotten it down more than that but at that size it didn’t look any less quality to the original.

Very very nice site though and great work.


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