First attempt. Restaurant site

This is my first attempt at a webflow site. Any feedback would be gratefully received. I’m struggling with the megamenu and keeping it visible but apart from that i’m pretty happy with it. Still needs some tweaking but getting there!

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Did you forget the link? (:

Must have edited their post, this is the link I saw earlier and it’s looking great!

Nice work @robonions :smile:

In most… I like the site. Think you did well.

A few suggestions… nothing major…

(IMO) you need more padding for the text… in the 3 column row.
The text is really close together.

I would push the same 3 column row (below Located in the sleepy…) down a bit as well…
again… a little too tight / close to the larger text.

Some people will not like the fan-out effect in the Opening Times.
I personally like it… I have a site that does almost the exact same thing… so I’m biased there.
… but others have complained (about my site) doing it.

(I think it) Would be nice if the background was fixed (under Opening Times).

Your slider - what our customers think about…
has some odd / unrelated images.

Around the text comments in What Out Customers…
use Quotes…

Something like these

I personally disable mouse wheel scroll / zoom. Personal preference. I use the mouse wheel to scroll a lot and if you enable the mouse wheel - scrolling over the map (will the sudden) zoom the map.

Again… personal preference - I don’t like transparent text in Some Facts About Us

Background image in Some Facts About Us does not cover the entire section.

Thanks for the great feedback, a lot of which i’ve taken on board. I just need to sort out the tablet / phone views and i’m nearluy ready to launch. Really hanging out for a cms though.

At first… I didn’t think I wanted Webflow to be bloated down with a CMS.

But since then… I’ve come across a couple client who have asked for CMS capabilities…
and they didn’t want Wordpress.

I wrote php scripts to handle the needs… but now I can see a definate need (for me) to have a Webflow CMS.

Am eagerly waiting to see what they can do with the idea.

hi, i’ve finally completed the restaurant site i’ve been working on. Any feedback will be gratefully received. The Chequers of Weston
I’ve used the new CMS feature for the menu’s. So much easier to edit. However I ran into a problem with only allowing 10 per single page.

The site is off center in the iPhone 5 view.

oh that’s not good. It looks fine on my Galaxy 4. I’ll check it out thanks.

Does that look any better?

Still looks the same sir. You have something off-center or stretched?

That’s due to the iOS 9 Safari issue. You have an element that has an interaction on it applied that works as “slide from right to origin”, so something has an Initial Appearance of Move Right: X pixels.

We are aware of that issue and are working on a way to fix that, but this is so deeply related to iOS itself that it might take a while… In the meantime you can remoce any interactions that are sliding elements from right to prevent that white bar happening. You can find out which element is causing that by scrolling it on iOS device and seeing on which element appearing does this white bar disappear.

So any interactions from right to left or the reverse of what I said?

Any interaction that has initial appereance move left or move right might be the reason of that white bar on one side.

On the other hand this time it might be related to the Sign up modal that is wider than the screen size. Make sure you use % values for modal window :)

Do we have an estimated time for this fix? Or perhaps a way to disable interactions on mobile until it gets fixed?

This is a tricky one to fix for me as I don’t have an iOS device to test it on!

You can always test on