Simple Modern Webflow Restaurant Site - 2018

Hello everyone, my agency got a request recently from a restaurant in Colorado that needed a new responsive website with clean UX and a modern aesthetic. They are working on new marketing efforts in the near future and needed help as soon as possible!

We reused the Logo & Copy/Content from the old site and created a new website from scratch. The Events page is currently a Facebook page embed. If the client wants to in the future, then they will probably add to the scope and we will be able to integrate facebook events by sending facebook event api info into a collection and using it within the page on a custom events page UX.

Any feedback or thoughts before launch would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:

Old Site:

Redesign Webflow Link:

We were deciding between these 2 angled breakpoints and decided to go with matching break points, otherwise the landing page design seemed a bit 80s/chaotic:


Hi Scott, there’s something wrong with the typeface on the site (might just be a Safari thing) but it’s rendering everything with uppercase O’s in random places -

What typeface is it? Could be an issue with the font files?
Cheers, Sam

I think it looks fantastic! Really lovely design!

The one thing that stuck out to me right away was the use of the background video on the main page where it seems to focus quite a bit on the owner/chef who’s being interviewed. And, because it’s background video, there’s no sound, so that leaves a bit of a disconnect with me. I’d rather see B-roll footage here or have footage of the chef, but without him partaking in an interview and speaking to the camera?

Otherwise, it’s a sweet design! Nice work!

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Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it! We are actually working with the client to get a 30 second clip of FOOD. I agree.

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The site looks great, nice work! One little issue I’m noticing is that one of your homepage elements (my guess is that it’s the “Order Now” button) is causing the page to scroll horizontally on mobile. I’m on my phone and can’t get a good screenshot of it but if you’d like I can get one for you this evening when I get home.

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We are working on this right now, thanks Mikey :slight_smile: !!

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Yay! Food on a restaurant page! :wink: :slight_smile:


I know what a crazy idea!!! :smiley:

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Updated Finalized Link:

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I’m getting the same text issue as Sam above in safari. It seems all the fonts aren’t loading, the navbar is also showing a standard sans font. Perhaps doing an image for that instead for the hero with a transparent logo and alt text to make sure to avoid this? Just a thought. Not sure why it’s doing that.

Otherwise it looks good. In terms of the angled sections I am not sure which angle i’d like more. Considering the white section is so short, i’d almost go with a straight section for the second slider. Or maybe flat on the top and angled on the bottom. Something about it looks a bit too busy with the hero and that section being angled.

Also, google maps api isn’t loading but i figured you knew that already.

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OT: Happy Forum CakeDay @dfink - 5 years today!

Thanks @DFink The reason for the weird font on Safari is because this site/preview version is using the free font set. Once my client launches to the formal domain, they will buy the font and all will be solved :slight_smile: Also, the client is implementing the Google Maps API themselves.
Seriously though, Thanks for the feedback, love this community!!

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It wasn’t the order now button, but actually the little map background element that was being used with an interaction :slight_smile: Found it and fixed it! Thanks.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted! Keep up the great work :+1:

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