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New Portfolio Site, would love feedback!

Here is the read-only designer link:

There are a couple project pages that don’t have content quite yet, but will soon.

Thanks for looking!



Love it! Simple and clean :+1:

However, two things I see that might help:


and maybe add a third callout color to your scheme?

either than those, great job! :smiley:

I like it too, you’ve done a good job here!

I agree with @PixelGeek that a third colour could add a good element of contrast in your page (I’m not sure if that sentence actually makes sense… if not, sorry - I’m French :wink:).

My main feedback would be about the experience on mobile, which will concern about 50% of your visitors. I think you should at least keep the descriptive text visible on top of your portfolio images. Otherwise you just get a wall of blue images and dont really know what this is all about…

Oh, also the resume download CTA is not working and you should use your logo for the Favicon too.

It’s very cool!

May I?

You have great and well know references, big names. But it takes a minimum of 2 seconds per square to see the name. That’s 24 seconds an 12 timed actions that you require to your visitors to only see the list of your references. I’d say you’re very well hiding the essential part of your portfolio. Hover anims are cool but maybe the names of your client shouldn’t be a part of the hover reveal.


I am big sucker for clean, simple and effective design. Having said that.
there might be couple things that I ( and this only my opinion ) would change.

1 - Hover animation on images, I think the animation delay is just a tad too slow.
2 - “Cross - cursor” … I don’t know if its only me, but it doesn’t feel natural… makes me wonder what I need to click, or drag, or do something… Gives me the feel that I should expect some sort of interaction.

Other than that, it’s very clean and lovely looking.

Looks great on iPhone. The colour palette, in my humble opinion, is a bit err dull (sorry if this sounds harsh, but it doesn’t excite me) also on the individual pages perhaps include a footer of some description and maybe more of a menu so I can go to other parts of the site.

How about more of a description about what you did for each project? (See images - what is this telling the visitor?)

Other than that nice work :slight_smile:

Agree with the cross cursor its bad from a ux point of view there is no difference between whats clickable and what isn’t.

Also there is a few little issues with wider screens as shown here:

Good work

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I’ll be making changes in the next couple days.

Definitely going to play around with a third color or even a different color palate.

Took care of the cross cursor. I thought it would be a nice thing to change it up a little but even I was starting to think it was confusing.

Also working on removing the blue overlay on the photos for mobile. I agree it was A LOT of blue to look at and I think using the full color photo will work better for mobile.

Speaking of mobile. Because you can’t really hover I’d love to remove the animations that reveal the campaign title and client but I can’t seem to remove it without also effecting the desktop layout. Any tips?


I’ll keep it simple:

I really love the design. Simple, to the point, and very clean.

Hover animations on your work could be done in half the speed.

I think they just released the ability to apply interactions based on breakpoints with the last update of Interactions 2.0.1 ( I think thats the release version) so you should be able to make those updates accordingly!