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My Portfolio Website, Critique Please

Hi All,

I am currently working on my Freelance Portfolio, it’s still a work in progress, but I’ve been staring at it for so long now I need some feedback.

Let me know your thoughts, thanks for looking.




  • material design(ish)
  • depth of field
  • continuity of the cyan triangle
  • 3D Transforms!!!


Things I would fix:

  • maybe don’t hide the bottom nav? an extra click just to see 3 nav items is maybe one click too many

Cool ideas and visually super clean, sharp and different. I’m not how I feel about the navigation in the portfolio…once the project details are visible maybe the slider arrow should drop behind?

Super cool though.

Really nice site indeed.

Love the cards.

Small things I found the down arrow made me want to scroll. I couldn’t scroll.
I went to hover the down arrow and it transitioned to an up arrow. So I didn’t really know what the arrow was about to do.

It would be cool if the slider moved the whole card rather then just the content. Not sure how easier or hard that would be to do.

There is some confusion between the two close “x” elements when the project details card is open. I found myself closing the whole section rather then just the details card. Maybe apply a fade to the back card when the detailed card is activated.

Great job.

Nice work dude. I would just go a little more subtle on some of the box shadows. I think it would really set it off, right now some of it just feels a little too dark & heavy. Also, I’d maybe take a look at those “view project details” links. The rounded/outlined button style doesn’t really mesh with the boxy vibe, maybe something more like the attached?

Love that contact section interaction. Bravo :wink:

Thanks very much for the feedback everyone, really appreciate it! I’ll look into everything suggested :smile:

Really nice work man! It has a unique feel which is hard to do these days. Well done

Brilliant work. Love the triangles / animation and as @oceanandsnowdesign said, it has a unique feel.

Only fault would be this, can’t read the text:

Lovely site!! Sooo original!


  • Some text is hard to read where it overlaps photos.
  • As your portfolio grows, it would be nice to see thumbnails of the work. I would not want to have to scroll through all of your work if I were a client.
  • Personally, I’d anchor the menu at the bottom and not hide it. That arrow flip on hover is not intuitive. Maybe if it flipped on click instead if you feel the need to hide the menu.

Seriously, not only good work on the site, but your portfolio work as well.

Thanks @ctotty for the kind words about my work! Appreciate it :smile:

And thanks for the feedback everyone I’m working on it today, looking at all the suggestions, thanks again.

Going to make you part of the clan dude! Awesome site!

@cyberdave haha! Consider me in :smile:

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What a beautiful looking portfolio, I love your use of depth of field and multiply effects, good job.

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Hey Aaron, would you give us a little light of how you got that to go. The flowing triangles. Don’t think webflow does that.

Hey @cgmindd,

No problem, well actually it’s all done with Webflow! The triangles are a repeat of one .svg, I use .svg so it’s scalable, and only one .svg to keep load times down, think there is around 14 of them in all.

So on each triangle I set a “self perspective” of “1200” then an animation/interaction on each triangle spinning them and moving upward on a loop.

Does that make sense?

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lol! I am trying to wrap my head with it. Still too noob but at least we know its possible with webflow. Powerfull tool.

I like your design, it’s awesome, clean and easy, but it doesn’t work on my iphone the same as web version, no menu on main page.
Did you create this animated background in webflow (asking because I’m new one here) or any kind of javascript libraries?

HT @Aaron :clap: :thumbsup:
I hope one day I can make something like this. Super awesome dude :rocket:

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Hi @kirey Yeah the mobile version so far is just my contact details with the moving shapes, It’s a real mine field I’m finding making this design mobile friendly… so i’m working on it :smile:

I’m thinking of making a separate design show up for mobile friendliness, but we’ll see.

As for the Background Triangles it’s all made in Webflow! it’s a series of .svg triangles on a loop animation.

Hi Aaron… did you get a chance to make a tutorial for your triangles flowing down? I got excited when you asked if we would like one. Lol. No rush… do you thing first.