Workspace plan bought by mistake

I recently created a new webflow account for a client and a made a website, then I asked him to buy a cms plan but I found out he actually bought a workspace.
What is it? is it a developer plan? do he needs it in order to have an hosting plan?
What if he bought the plan by mistake instead of buying the CMS plan? can he get a refund and then buying the correct one?


Hello @Archimede

You don’t need a workspace plan to create a website if you have a CMS hosting plan attached. I’d get your client to reach out to Webflow support and request a refund. Then walk them through creating a new project and connecting CMS hosting to it.

Yes, exactly. I was thinking just to buy a CMS plan but unfortunately client got the workspace plan instead. so you think that if I reach out to Webflow support they can refund the client?
By the way, is there any other way to contact them other than the email?

Thanks for the advice!

Hey @Archimede :wave:

We only offer email support at the moment. For the fastest support go to our support portal and send in a request from there while logged into your Webflow account.

Here is the page for a refund request: Subscriptions and Plans - Request a refund

Once received our Customer Support team will help out as soon as possible.

Also make sure you cancel the plan you want refunded before requesting to speed things up. :+1:

Hi @Drew_Schafer Thanks for the reply,
So first I need to cancel my workspace plan then I contact the support and ask for the refund is that right?

In the meanwhile can I get the CMS plan anyway right? so I can go on with the website developement

Thank you!

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You got it @Archimede

Downgrading to the Starter Workspace plan will limit you to one seat and two unhosted sites and won’t impact your CMS plan.

You can get designing now and we will take care of the rest. :+1: