Safari Gets Full Desktop View in iPadOS

Apple just announced Safari is getting full Desktop Browser View on the “coming soon” iPadOS. They also announced Pencil Developer Kit.

Webflow on iPad Pro? :thinking:

Any thoughts on this?

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So Apple are fragmenting iOS now? Hopefully OSX comes back again in this case.

It looks like they are basically treating the various devices as breakpoints in the new code architecture. Watch OS, iOS, iPadOS, MacOS - 1 Application on all platforms with UI tweaks.

All within the walled garden on formerly great hardware that they’ve deemed “vintage/obsolete” whilst the new hardware is very much lacking compared to 2009.

Glad to see this brought up so quickly after the keynote. My hope is that this bridges the gap between what I need a full computer to do and what I can do on my iPad Pro. Seeing as I don’t have a laptop anymore, I’m not able to truly work on web projects remotely.

Some of the other new features make it more apparent that I should look into a laptop workstation for the house instead of my gaming tower (like native screen sharing/mirroring!) to give me the most flexibility, but I am always open to carrying less if possible.

As a side note, I’m stoked that iPadOS will finally provide expandable storage support - especially considering I splurged for the 12.9” screen and not a larger internal drive.

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Maybe the use case for iPad Pro consumers to be able to use Webflow Designer could be considered after the far more useful contributions from the Webfow community found on the Wishlist have been addressed? Mainly the features implementing open and future W3C standards.

For sure - finding myself in the home vs. travel setup. Ended up ditching my 12.9’ iPad Pro 2 for one of the new Retina Macbook Airs. This thing is a little beast even with the base 8GB ram and super portable. Handles Webflow and all my creative apps like a champ.

Oh for sure, I think it’s more about the iPad getting more friendly with Webflow as opposed to the other way around. I definitely don’t expect any huge investments for such a small user base, but I think there is a case for a UI that plays somewhat nicely with the growing number of touch devices.

The conundrum from a design perspective is that designing on (or for) a touch device tends to be at the expense of other forms of user input: desktop with mouse and keyboard for one but also more accessible considerations such as people whom can’t use touch or may rely on audible interaction with the web, as designers we should be thinking alongside W3C holistically. This is one of the small things we can do that contribute to all.

Webflow on iPad Pro is the DREAM! Very much hoping it’s possible. Considering Apple specifically mentioned Squarespace and Wordpress now working, I have hope Webflow can as well!

Watching this, it seems very possible:

The video does not answer any real questions? Why is Webflow or any other design software a dream on an ipad? I’ve always been sure its a consumption device rather than a production tool, but please correct me if i’m wrong? It’s great for retired parents. I’ll concede it could be great as a presentation method but Apple have done a lot/too much to prevent it being useful.

Did you ever use an actual iPad? Did you ever see apps like Affinity Designer or Affinity Photo working on this device? It is blazingly fast and productive –and it has feature parity to the desktop versions.
Did you ever have a look at this:

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The iPad Pro is definitely more than just a consumption device, I use it everyday as part of my workflow and there are very few things that prevent it from being a full desktop replacement - most of which are going to be addressed with the new software update. As @mac_heibu mentioned, both Affinity Photo and Designer on the iPad do a great job at replacing Illustrator, Photoshop, and Lightroom and even work with Adobe file formats quite nicely.

Have tested iPadOS dev beta (with mouse support) in Webflow on a few different pointing devices now. Basically, you will get the Webflow crash dialog every 5 sec, thus having to reload the canvas you’re working on. When I try loading Chrome in iPadOS, the canvas will not even load. Hopefully these errors are due to the developer beta, and not in Webflow, as this feature would save me the cost of a new Macbook. The only thing requiring something besides the iPad atm is Webflow, and that’s a bummer.

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Hi mac_heibu,

I’ve got an iPad 2 but its more or less useless as it won’t run any recent versions of iOS, buying a new one is not a high priority for me at the moment. Even if I did what is the roadmap for how long a first generation (and the current) iPad Pro will be able to install the latest versions of iOS for? I’d imagine it’ll be vintage/obsolete fairly soon gong on recent history? By fairly soon I mean less than 5 years into the future.

They should be excellent as a presentation tool but the limitations of iOS do constrain using them for this purpose. I see this is being addressed with iPad OS but it is limited to new hardware.

No, it is not limited to new hardware. iPadOS runs on iPad Air 2, what is 5 years old hardware. So there is no significant difference to computer operating system.
Additionally: Tablets are, compared to computers a really new category of devices, and therefore the hardware actually is developing way faster than computer hardware. Newer iPad performance is comparable to 2,3 year old laptop performance and this makes it possible that these devices can be used as real working machines.


This decision is so good

Super excited to see a demo of this in action! Wondering if the desktop version will even be editable on the 11inch ipad pro :thinking:

It’s the dream for me personally as I already do almost every single step of my professional workflow on the iPad Pro, for all my freelance clients, and one of the only things I go back to my Macbook for is managing my Webflow sites. I’d love to be able to do it all on the iPad Pro!

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I gave it a quick go, still a fair bit of work to be done :pensive: Not sure if it’s Apple’s end, Webflow’s end, or just the fact that it’s an early beta. Could be better when using a mouse as well, didn’t get to try that

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