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Is it possible to build a Webflow site using ann iPad?

My unpublished site won’t open properly on my iPad and I was hoping to work on it using just the iPad. Is that not an option? Anyone had success building a site using just their iPad? – I also have had issues with dialogue boxes covering up the spot where I was trying to type in text using my desktop Mac Mini. Are there just a lot of problems trying to use Webflow with Apple? Thanks.

Hi @rdaconnect you shouldn’t have any problems running Webflow on Windows or Mac. Any operating system that has Chrome can run Webflow smoothly.

The Webflow editor currently only works on desktop machines, not touch devices like your iPad. We’d have to redesign the whole editor for it to work on touch devices.

Can you show a screenshot of the menu overlap you’re referring to? Make sure your screen resolution is at least 1280px wide.