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Work Vacation - Off Topic

Of topic discussion…

Tomorrow (and for the next week)… I am going to a beach house that I own in Hilton Head, South Carolina on a play / work / vacation.

Wife is attending a medical lecture / kids will be in an “Ocean Camp” during the day…
and I will be working at the house.

The FUN part:

I will leave my trusty MacBook Pro and Surface Pro at home…

  • and will only bring a brand new (not even opened) Samsung Chromebook Pro
  • that I will be doing live-fire / real-world testing on.

I will be designing websites, managing my dedicated servers and of course… email stuff.

Will be interesting to see how well this Chromebook works out.

If it - does - work out… the Chromebook may (potentially)

  • replace a $2000 MacBook Pro and / or my $2400 Surface Pro.

I can already see an issue with Graphics - Photoshop etc…

But I will add… the Samsung Chromebook Pro costs $545.

Does anyone else have working experience with a ChromeBook / ChromeBox ?

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I know @sabanna used a Chromebook

I’ve been considering the same thing, as MBP prices continue to skyrocket. If Adobe ever release full-featured software for either Android or iOS, I’m jumping ship.

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I’m not trying to provide a full review on this laptop…

but I decided to keep the Chromebook Pro

Samsung Chromebook Pro
On Sale for about $519 - Regularly $549

Samsung Chromebook Plus
On Sale for about $406 - Regular about $440

Both computers are exactly alike except:
Pro: M3 Processor, Color: Black
Plus: ARM Processor, Color: Silver

An important thing for me was… could I find a light-weight “device” that was powerful enough
to Design a website using Webflow ON MY LAP… and do some basics tasks like surfing / mail / watching a YouTube video / etc

Both of these Chromebooks did what I wanted them to do. The Plus just a little slower… and some system stutter would occur if I had to many tabs open. Around 10… maybe 15 ?

I haven’t seen any stutter with the Pro model… and it remains pretty snappy in speed… with 30+ open.

2400 x 1600 Screen… the screen is incredible. With my eyes though… I have some difficulty seeing this resolution on a 12" screen. Instead, I use the 1800 x 1200 resolution - and it works with Webflow Designer. I had thought Webflow’s minimum resolution was 1920… but guess not.

360 degree design… can convert from laptop to tablet… though in tablet - it’s not as comfortable to use as an iPad or Surface.

Extremely light. Easy to carry around.

I had some difficulty with Wifi using the Plus version. Have not had 1 issue with the Pro version.

As mentioned… I have 2 laptops… a MacBook Pro and a Surface Pro. They cost about $2000 each.

I purchased both the Plus and the Pro Chromebooks… I am returning the Plus Laptop… and keeping the Pro version.

If you need a new laptop… you might want to take a look at one of the these. They are considerably cheaper - and very capable. The only issue I came across was editing images… which I can do at home on a different system.

But for travel - this Chromebook worked flawlessly.

The only thing I found disappointing about this laptop… was it come with a back lit keyboard. I’m guessing they will make it back lit in the future.

It comes with a pen as well. I’ve never really used a pen before… it’s a nice feature to have (for my needs).

Apparently it’s not comparable to a Surface Pen… and others in that league.

but if just needed it for note taking… it worked for me.

I’m considering a Chromebook as well. I’m working on a 27" iMac but it would be nice just grab a portable and work at meetings and maybe at clients office, or at vacation like you. I don’t know if you are familiar with these online very capable programs.

For vector:
For bitmap:

There are more I’m sure

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Which one have you decided on?

I’m keeping the Pro model.

The Plus is nice… and might work out for a lot of people.

It really depends on the number of tabs you keep open…
and of course, what you are doing in each of the tabs.

For me… I tend to have a lot of tabs open…
and a lot of the tabs are on information rich sites.

The first I did was basically load every website that I regularly visit… ending with about 30 open tabs.

Then… I started designing a website with Webflow… (while listening to music on youtube)
to see if the system stuttered / slow down.

The Plus model started showing slow downs at around 10 tabs.

I’ve pushed the Pro model to 30+ tabs or so… and it’s still running with no issues.

I just tried pixlr… on this Chromebook.

Ton of tabs open… Webflow open… YouTube music playing…
Pixlr worked fine. It seems to be for basic image editing
which is what I would need. Thanks for telling me about it.

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