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Chromebook and graphic work

I think there are a few who are using chrombooks here. I’m in a need for a laptop and I know Webflow works on those but what are you using when you need to do some graphic work?

Hi, @jorn

Try It seems like promising one.

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Aren’t you using a chromebook @sabanna? If so, what’s your workflow when you need “graphics”?

Yes,I have been working on Chromebook for a year and a half. But I also had a Linux, installed on a flash drive and used Inkscape app for creating SVG icons and images (I think it is what you mean “graphics”). I found this Gravit app later but didn’t really used it, because I got a new machine :slight_smile: So now I completely moved to Linux for work.

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Ah thanks. Yes I meant icons and such :blush: . I think I have to go with a MacBook to have all my tools I bought. I have a 27" iMac at home but if I have to work way from home.

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I use my Chromebook everyday and although it was a challenge to find web based services that are close to Photoshop etc. We live in a great time now. I generally use HTTP:// for graphics and image tweaking, also HTTP:// to create similar banners like but even though it’s super fast to create it is not as powerful as gravit so I’ll be looking into that to add to my workflow!


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