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Which computer would you choose

Yes… I just purchased a Google PixelBook i5 128 GB.


  • I am in the need for 2 additional laptops (prefer 2 in 1’s)

Would appreciate your input.

If you had a choice of A or B

What would you pick ? And perhaps why. I will probably purchase them within a week.

Much appreciated.

Microsoft Surface Pro (latest version) 2 In 1
Intel Core m3 Processor 7Y30 w/4GB RAM (Last Gen Processor)
Resolution: 2730x1824 Resolution Touch Screen
Screen Size: 12.3 inches 3:2 aspect ratio
Keyboard: Backlit (normally EXTRA… but INCLUDED at price stated below)
Hard Drive: 128GB SSD
OS: Win Pro 10
Weight: 1.71 lbs
Thickness: .33 inches
Price: $629 (Regular Price: $799 with keyboard)

Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2 In 1
Intel Core i5-8250U w/8GB RAM (Newest Processor)
Resolution: 1920x1080 IPS Touch Screen
Screen Size: 13.3 inches 16:9 aspect ratio
Keyboard: Backlit
Hard Drive: 1TB 5400 rpm
OS: Win 10 Home
Weight: 3.44 lbs
.Thickness: .77 inches
Price: $649.00

Sorry - Apple and Google are not in the running here.

31 views and not 1 response ?

Haha… I know right? Sometimes it’s just like that. Sorry your post received no responses yet, so I’ll be your BFF :slight_smile: Nah, it takes a while every now and then. Community members typically have jobs, not everyone is freelance.

This is an easy one! ALWAYS, ALWAYS take an i5 or an i3 anyday of the week… and always take an i7 or an i5. When purchasing a computer, honestly you only need to look at 3 places to compare:

  1. Processor
  2. Memory
  3. Hard drive

Okay, maybe an over-statement, not ONLY 3, but pretty much. A 4GB ram memory is very old, 8GB is standard and the best would be 16GB. If you don’t want internet lagging and taking for ever to load, get 8GB. Now manufacturers aren’t silly, they know, we know an i5 is more powerful than an i3. They use these combinations to get customers to bite. You can buy an i5 with 4GB memory, buy individual memory and install it. This will cost less. The baseline price - starts with processors. Knowing this, you can see the sales tactic on your example.

A. Price: $629 (Regular Price: $799 with keyboard) (i3 - 4GB)
B. Price: $649.00 (i5 - 8GB)

Where do you think the hike in price is coming from - on example A vs. B? Name.

However, you can’t buy an i3, with 8GB memory and purchase an independent i5 processor, and install it like you can with memory. Therefore always start with highest processor you can afford. Honestly, don’t even get into the specs wars, it’s just a sales distraction. Focus on i3, i5, i7 processors, no AMD’s. 4, 8, 16GB memory.

Pretty much everything else you can add, or upgrade, or simply live with or without. What will end up making the difference is the “time it takes to process information”. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!

Yep… 90 views…

I ended up buying 3 systems… none of which were the ones I posted about…
that no one responded to other than @garymichael1313

99 Views… 1 Reply ?

So at BestBuy… they released the “Cyber Monday” Apple deals…

  • and they aren’t bad
  • but the Apple deals aren’t “that great” either
    especially when you compare the deals for a Windows-based system…
    or even a Chromebook.

this would be the system I might consider… if were buying Apple products.

(Note: i5 8GB 128GB SSD / no touch screen / no pen)

7th Gen Full Core - Not the M / U / Y series…

$1149.99 (Regularly $1299.99)

I ended up buying 4 systems instead of 3… all 4 with i-7’s

  • two 7th Gen HP Touch 15t 16GB / 1TB HD + 128GB SSD + Included Pen = $700 each
    (2 in 1 convertible touch screen)
    (regular price $1200 each)

  • one 8th Gen HP Spectre x360 16GB / 512GB SSD + Included Pen = $1000
    (2 in 1 convertible touch screen… I’ve been playing with this device quite a bit… and it is an impressive system)
    (regular price $1400)

  • one 8th Gen Google Pixelbook 16GB / 128GB SSD + Pen = $1200
    (2 in 1 convertible touch screen… I’ve determined this laptop is for the elitist… and I say elitist in a good way)
    (No cyber discounts)

Each individually laptop was less expensive than the apple laptop (linked above).

The two HP Touch systems are thank you gifts for 2 employees who excelled and went well beyond the call of duty.

These are not company laptops provided to them for business use (though I anticipate that’s what they will be used for). The cost of these systems came out of my own pocket.

And if / when the employees leave for better opportunities (perhaps to start their own businesses)… the laptops go with them.

Perhaps the reason you aren’t getting responses is that we wouldn’t buy either of those machines. Both are horrifically gimped on RAM and storage (A 128GB SSD is ridiculous and a 5400rpm HDD is unusable).

You obviously realized as much, since the machines you bought all had 16GB RAM (still low, TBH) and better storage options, but 1 of them with a super small SSD which I’m assuming is because you’re going to utilize the cloud on the Pixelbook.

I think you didn’t give enough information regarding use to really get any feedback. Even with everything I just said I still don’t know what to buy because I have no clue what they’d be used for. The laptops you bought to give away look like pretty solid machines though. I’d be happy to receive one.

Wouldn’t buy any Apple laptop at the moment, and I’ve been using them from my G3 iBook up until my current machine, a late-2012 cMBP with a 512GB SSD and 16GB RAM.

Our needs are fairly minimal.

The systems I described will be used for:

Web Design / HTML / CSS / Bootstrap / Angular / PHP / SQL / SEO / cPanel / WHM / SSH / Google Docs - Sheets - Drive / Office 365 / OWA / DropBox.

Basic graphics - cut / paste / resize / optimize / etc… nothing outlandish. We have staff and systems to handle more detailed work.

I’ve found… unless you are doing Video Editing / Image - Sound Processing… you don’t need more than 16GB of RAM.

Most everything I use is cloud-based.

I upgraded the memory in the 2 HP Touch 15t’s…

  • because that’s what I would want…
  • if the systems were for me

My daily driver has been a 4GB Samsung ChromeBook Pro with 32GB of storage

  • And I don’t have 1 file stored locally.

A 16GB device would be an upgrade for me.

In that case, I’d go with the Inspiron. The 8GB RAM makes it at least a little bit more future-proof and the slightly larger screen makes up for the slightly lower pixel density. Processor is not really a factor for those tasks and the speed of the HDD wouldn’t really be a factor seeing as you wouldn’t be creating very large files on that system.

My advice is based almost 100% on the amount of memory.

Look at you @Revolution got a whole fan club now! :grinning: Glad you found a system you like. Hope it works out for ya.

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