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Samsung Chromebook Pro Off-Topic

Ok… My Opinion. Completely off-topic.

I purchased a Samsung Chromebook Pro 4 months ago from Samsung (Business Sales).

I paid $591.36 total. I have been using this device to create Webflow sites… with no issues.

I have absolutely loved this computer. Other than video editing… it does everything I need it to do.

This device has become my DAILY DRIVER. It goes with me… everywhere. It’s my little tag-along.

It has replaced my MacBook Pro and Surface Pro 4… as my daily driver.

Both the MacBook and Surface Pro have been sitting on the shelf unused for 4 months.

I even took a chance - and went on vacation
---- with the Samsung Chromebook Pro as my working computer.

I am also willing to pay EXTRA for Business Class Support
-------->>>>> Kinda the same thing I do with Webflow. I pay $900 a year for Webflow.

With that said…

Last night… my Samsung Chromebook Pro screen started failing. The device is 4 months old.

I had expected Samsung to step up to the plate


I have spent the last 3 hours (literally 3 hours) on the phone…

  • talking to people trying to transfer me to Samsung Business Class Support…


They cannot fix the device if they don’t at least pick up the telephone.

SO. Even though I absolutely love this device…
----->>>>> I can no longer recommend the Samsung Chromebook Pro. DO NOT BUY.

— It’s going on the shelf.

(as as SEO Expert… notice I’m using a lot of SEO terms that will be clearly indexed in Google)

Tomorrow… my new Google Pixelbook will arrive. $1098.00 (with pen).

This is what I bought

Hopefully… Google will treat me better than Samsung.

Nexus 6P owner here. I can confirm that Google is pretty bad as well.

ohh. crap. I just need a device that works.

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Well I can’t speak for the Pixelbook, because I don’t know who makes them. The 6P was made by Huawei and it’s got some ridiculous glitches and there was a whole class-action thing because of dodgy batteries. Google is just horrible to deal with when they aren’t being legally forced to do something.

Although now you’ve got me wondering. I was thinking about switching to a Chromebook as well, if only because of the ridiculous price of getting a new Mac. Would you say the Chromebook is capable for not only web design, but also photo extraction and vector graphics?

I could just Google it, but it seems like you’re in a reviewing mood… heh

I tend to be a very decisive person

  • and often-times make qualified decisions at the speed of business.

Literally - as I walked in my door

  • the Samsung Corporate Office (Executive Relations) called me to “fix the problem”.

They said “they reviewed the phone and messages logs” and “business class customers shouldn’t be treated in such a manner”.

“As compensation” - for - “the way the situation was handled”…

  • Samsung offered to refund the entire amount of my purchase
  • plus… they offered to let me “keep the Samsung Chromebook Pro” after they repaired it.

I told them there was - no longer a problem.

  • and explained to them… I had replace the device thus fixing the issue myself.

All-in-all… the Samsung Chromebook Pro is a nice system that can handle tasks much better than other similarly priced systems. The build quality of the Samsung Chromebook Pro is “not that great”… but it’s a $600 system. I’ve seen a lot Windows-based systems that are comparatively priced with similarly build quality. I am person who believes you get what you pay for.

I’ve haven’t opened the (Pixelbook) box yet - but I’m expecting the Pixelbook’s quality to be on par with the substantially higher price.

And more importantly… I’m expecting (and will find out if) Google’s support for the Pixelbook matches it’s price.

I am person who exceeds in delivering the highest quality products… and I expect the tools that I use to match the quality of my deliverables. My customers expect the absolute best - and so do I.

(For me) the failure of the Samsung Chromebook Pro was not really in the device itself. It was in the lack of support Samsung “didn’t even attempt to provide” - even though I gave them more than ample opportunity to provide such… until it was too late to fix the problem.

@Cricitem The Samsung Chromebook Pro did everything I expected it to do. Much more than other Chromebooks I’ve used / tested. Sorry - I cannot say how well it performs with vector graphics… as I have a dedicated Windows box for Video Editing / Photography / Graphics / etc.

If you looking for a system that lets you

  1. use Webflow (or any other website development tool)… it works great.
  2. surf the net and perform basic / standard “web stuff”… it works great.
  3. view media content (videos / netflix / photos / etc)… it’s works great.

If the device fails… (which devices can do)… and you need the device fixed

  • within a reasonable time frame and cost… (remember - the device was 4 months old)
    — the Samsung Chromebook Pro is NOT the device to get.

Of course… you could purchase the device and have absolutely no issues at all.

In fact… as I’ve mentioned previously - I love this device. It’s a great laptop.

  • but the follow-up support was absolutely horrendous.

For me… spending (after tax etc) $1200 is easier to swallow

  • than $600 when the manufacturer fails to live up to their promise of support.

Needless to say…

  • If I treated my customers the way Samsung treated me… I wouldn’t have customers.
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I am a HUGE Chrome fan and I do a lot of training on using the devices. I have played with the Samsung Pro & Plus as well as the Chromebook Pixel. I love them both.

I would make the switch and let it be my daily machine, but the drawback for me always comes back to Photoshop and Illustrator. I need them both to design and the Android versions just don’t cut it for me. How do you get around that @Revolution? Would love to hear about your work flow!

He uses a dedicated Windows machine for video editing / photography / graphics.

Which is exactly why I can’t switch to a chromebook, yet.

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Yeah, me too. It just doesn’t work for me. I can use it for a lot of work, but I definitely couldn’t be caught with just it.

I have dedicated systems for everything I do. That includes email addresses as well.

I have 2 systems (Win Desktop + MacPro) dedicated to photography / videos.

Another system (Mac Mini) for finances…
and several systems for web design (Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Surface Pro, Surface Book, HP Laptop, Asus Chromebook, and the new Pixelbook (which replaces the Chromebook Pro).

I use to have 1 system that did everything… but when that one system crashed… all hell broke lose.

So - several years ago… I transitioned into several computers.

It costs me a fortune… but the protection it provides (for me) is warranted.

Since 90% of my work is web-based (Web Design / SQL / PHP)… ChromeOS works out very well for me.

The last 10% is videos and photos… and yes - Chrome cannot (currently) handle that well.

If your job is more “text-based” (html / css / etc) and you can afford 2+ computers…

  • then Chrome is a very good way to have a “working computer / daily driver” and a graphics computer.

If your is more graphics based… then Chrome is not really the ideal solution.

Intuit doesn’t produce QuickBooks on Chrome… and my accountant uses QuickBooks… so that’s why we have a Mac Mini for finances. Until 2 months ago… the Mac Mini was running Parallels + Windows to access QuickBooks. But recently we moved completely onto the Mac Mini (for finances).

The “graphic computer” is a high-end system… that I generally replace (about) every 3 or years or so.

When I purchased the Samsung ChromeBook Pro… it effectively shut down my MacBook Pro / Surface Pro / Surface Book / HP Laptop usage. All four systems have been sitting on my shelf for 4 months - not used.

For me… ChromeOS is a great because 90% of my work fits into the “Google model”.

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Is there a way to unlock the device? I just forgot the login password.

P.S. I found a way out to get it unlocked. If you had the same issue, please follow this tip.

Crossover’s Chrome beta let’s you run Windows apps on a Chromebook. Gotta try it out and see what it can do.


At the first login screen, press Alt+Ctrl+Shift+R
then press the Restart button

This should display the Power Wash prompt.

A Power Wash will reset the device to Factory Default.

You would then use your gmail account to login and re-setup the system.

Everything stored locally on the device (ie: not in Google Drive)

  • will be lost because of the Power Wash.

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