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CSV Collection Import with HTML Embeds

I am currently trying to migrate a blog from Wordpress to WebFlow for a client but a number of the posts include custom html blocks or tables. From what I understand, the only option in WebFlow to recreate these blocks is a custom code embed. I tried wrapping the HTML in the CSV in a <div class="w-embed"> before importing but that didn’t work. Is there any way I can get these blocks to migrate over? I really don’t want to go through 120 blog posts to recreate any HTML elements, nor should I have to. It would be much easier to use regular expressions to find/replace any shortcodes with the proper HTML or to wrap html in an embed tag. Or better yet, can I use symbols within a RTE?

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Webflow only appears to support basic HTML into RTF’s. While you can now add customer code into them via the designer, support does not exist for that on import or export. I just had to can a potential WF project that wanted to crossover from Wordpress. I ended up creating a custom WP design and kept it there. At least it is open source, so I can do whatever I want. Good luck with your project.

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Thanks for your response. I was afraid that would be the case. Not the end of the world but a bit of a pain. Would definitely be a welcome feature in the future.

The client is pretty adamant on migrating to WebFlow. There’s nothing too wild in the current blogs, just some CTAs with some pretty basic layout/formatting. Considering our firm will be handling the content, perhaps I’ll just write a few blocks of HTML that we can C&P where needed.

Have you tried using PowerImporter’s CSV bulk update tool? There’s no need to add the div, PowerImporter will set the HTML as an embed value using Webflow’s API.

@JudoHacker - Marc, I am pretty sure that embeds placed into RTF’s in a collection are invisible from the API. They also don’t get exported with a CSV. Let me know if you see different results.