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Issue with CSV import & display in Designer


My product description must be formatted as show below - I entered this one manually in Webflow CMS. We have hundreds of products, so I cannot enter each one manually into it.

So I created a CSV file, after importing it into webflow CMS, it displays/formats as shown below.

But inside the webflow CMS, it displays/formats correctly. On the designer, it doesn’t. Please watch the below screen recording to understand I what I mean.

How can I resolve this?

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Export the cms data and then take a look at the content in the exported csv, for that record you created manually. You should see that that fields contents are HTML. I suspect your other records description field contents are not. You can check that by looking at the original CSV you imported.

If that is the case you need to format the CSV data as needed.

Rich text field - any values can be mapped to this field. However, to import rich text, the value of this field must be in HTML code.

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@webdev I did what you suggested and yes, the data I entered manually in WF CMS has HTML in the exported CSV file. Whereas the CSV file I created on my desktop, has no HTML.

I thought if I could distribute the workload with my colleagues by allocating one with a specific product category, things would be done quicker. But obviously, this won’t work. Is there any alternative you could suggest?

@webdev Also, would you happen to know why I am unable to edit the format (deleting space break) in WF CMS, after importing data as CSV file?

The content could be pulled into markdown (description) then converted to HTML, and placed back into the description field. I normally handle this programmatically as I am exporting the data.

You could try to see if this works using this popular online markdown editor which can give you the html with a click.

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I would have to see the value of the csv field “description” of a record. I don’t know if a simple edit in the RTF will reformat all the contents to html. You could test that. I am careful to only paste clean text into RTF’s or import clean HTML (API or CSV Import) to a RTF destination.

@webdev This tool and your explanation have helped me! :slight_smile:

Great. Thanks for the feedback. Glad to help.

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