CSV import of custom code in an embed within a rich text field

Hi party people,

I am trying to import a huge amount of blog posts. Some of these posts have custom code in different places over and over again. This custom code is simply ignored during the import.

I have now placed a test embed inside the rich text field and integrated the custom code there manually. Afterwards I exported this edited post. I wanted to see how the custom code is formatted in the CSV file so that we can adjust the file accordingly for the import.

Unfortunately, the custom code is also ignored in this direction and is simply not included in the exported CSV file. :slight_smile:

Anyone has experience with this and know of a solution?

Thanks in advance…

There is no solution. Custom code added to embeds inside RTF’s can’t currently be exported nor can custom code be imported. The API is a no-go as well. It is a real limiting condition.

I don’t consider migrating people from other systems to Webflow without ensuring that I can meet the functional requirements first. Often I can’t recommend it.

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I’m curious, what is all this custom code that is embedded in the blog posts?

I’m asking because often, it can be fixed by adding one embed block to the page.

Example: when embedding tweets in a blog post, the <script> to load and format the tweet will be under each <blockquote>, but it’s not necessary. You can add the <script> once in an embed block at the bottom of the page and it will load and format all tweets on the page.

Same is true for Google Charts and many other custom code solutions.

In my case the custom code is charts like you probably know them from google trends. There is no logic behind the placement.

Yeah, unfortunately, Google Trends charts are a mess. If you must be on Webflow, you’ll have to hire a developer to write a parser for you to extract all the custom code from the CSV (replacing them with placeholder markup) and then write a custom loader for you that you can embed in your design.

Sorry, wish I could have helped more.