CMS Export is stripping all embeds from rich text fields

Hey all, we are struggling with this problem.

We use Webflow collections to host our blog. Due to some constraints with how Webflow collections work, we need to batch-update all our blog posts to add a new date field. In theory, this should be as easy as exporting to CSV, adding a column to the CSV, and then importing back into Webflow. The problem is that our blog posts are very technical and contain a lot of embeds with code examples, and evidently exporting collections from Webflow completely removes all embed blocks from rich text fields.

Here’s what the collection field value looks like in the editor:

And here’s the export:

<p>This is a test</p><div></div>

From my understanding of this issue, it will be impossible for us to make batch updates to our collections since the custom embeds will always be stripped from the content. Does anyone have a workaround for this?

You could always batch update with the API as another option.

Would you mind recording a brief Loom video walkthrough the exact problem and what you’ve attempted to fix it? The context might be helpful in brainstorming around a solution.

Hi Arron, did you find a resolution to the issue of HTML code being stripped on export or access via API? Many thanks! Brian

All paths for exporting custom/embedded code are blocked; neither the interface nor the API (exhaustively tested via API) comes with embedded content. It is likely, they are storing embedded content in separate tables, which makes sense, as this type of open content can be very dangerous. The button for adding embedded code should display a big alert.