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Wordpress-like content with images / image galleries


I am moving a website from Wordpress to webflow.
Doing it in parts. I have questions on the rich text and how to make it as freeform as Wordpress does to my end user.

The main problem is IMAGES
Look this one:
And here is how it is on webflow:

What would you do?

My first idea was to create some fields in the CMS like bellow:
Content 1 - Rich text
Gallery 1 - Image Gallery
Content 2 - Rich text
Gallery 2 - Image Gallery
Content … - Rich text
Gallery … - Image gallery

But, it doesn’t allow my editor to add image caption!!! :rage:
And no freedom on image gallery layouts (like you can see in the Wordpress) :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

This is not helping.
Any ideas?