Propper "NO CODE" lightbox gallery with rich text captions!


I can’t believe this hasn’t been implemented yet. I need to make a website for an artist and there’s no way to make what I need without code.

I need a gallery lightbox which allows me to:

  1. Add a rich text field that can be connected to CMS (Artwork titles have to be italic) and being able to style and place this field via the editor. I need to be able to design/style the whole lightbox page.

  2. Style/replace the next/previous arrows

  3. Choose between different transitions between sliders (Slide, fade, crossfade, etc).

  4. Being able to scroll multiple lightbox pages that are triggered by a single thumbnail. Example: thumbnail is a picture of a house and its lightbox shows various images (pages) of that house (living room, park, bedrooms, etc). And all this can be CMS.

This is what I want to do:

Any news about when something like this can be implemented? Unfortunately I’m forced to do it in WordPress.

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hi @pablosara and welcome. At first place WF is not universal tool (nor are another platforms) and you aren’t forced to do anything. If WF doesn’t fulfil your requirements you can freely choose other platform that suit to your or yours clients website more. Choosing platform suitable for project is part of your job.

Hi, thank you for spending valuable time in pointing out the obvious and not bringing any solution.

hi @pablosara unfortunately no one can provide for you “NO CODE” solution where there is no “NO CODE” option. That was my point, just feel free to use the platform that will provide for you requirements without any coding knowledge.

Hello Sara,

We can achieve the above 4 pointers as listed down below.

  1. Can be done with Finsweet’s Sweet text Javascript library. You can do anything you want with the rich text in the CMS.

  2. Can be done with slick.js or any other slider javascript library.

  3. You can also build custom transitions with webflow interactions.

  4. This also can be done with webflow natively.

And every pointer mentioned above is free unlike wordpress and once set up you can forget it, unlike wordpress again.

You just need a skilled webflow expert with javascript skills to do this.

HI @unnixe the complain was

but I agree that hire a developer is “NO CODE” solution :wink:

I think you have understood the wrong definition of code.

Let me inform you Webflow is an drag and drop builder that writes code in backend html css and javascript on the backend.

And you can also export the code (html, css and javascript from webflow.

I think you will need to research a bit on how a basic websites are built or just inspect any website.

Similarly you can use wizardly jquery writer or weblocks or other no code javascript writer to write advance javascript code and implement functionalities to a website may it be wordpress webflow or any other web builder.

hi @unnixe thank you to share me with these valuable informations. I will inspect any website to check how they are build. I will also check recommended jQuery builders I’m not familiar with as until now I was just writing vanilla JS when building front-end and backend for websites from scratch. I hope that after this research I will get better understanding the definition of code.

Have a great day

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Hi Unnixe,

Thanks a lot for your help! now I’m closer to a solution. I still think Webflow should offer a no code solution for this, since it’s a very frequent use case.

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