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Multi-image field and CMS collection page


I’m making a CMS Collection (named: Tuotesarjat) and I have this design where there’s a rich text element underneath an image. Both the text and the image are from the CMS collection.

The thing is, I now use 4 image fields for all of the 4 images. I’d like to make this same design work with one multi-image field so I could use more fields for something else (the 30 field restriction is coming full).

I tried to implement the multi-image field using the collection list, but if I use that, I cannot link the rich text element to the right collection.

Any ideas on how to make this work, if it’s possible?

Here is my public share link:

At the moment, you can show Multi-image Field values only on a Collection page, and not within a Collection List. Support for nested Collection lists is planned. Vote for and subscribe to status updates of this feature request.


All of the above I’ve been describing is happening inside a CMS Collection page. See below:

I’m not saying I’ll have to be using Collection list for the multi-image field. That’s just the only way I figured it can be done. If there’s any way to achieve what I said in the first post, I’d take that. I really need to have more CMS fields and now it takes 4 separate one image fields because I don’t know how to incorporate the multi-image field into the design of the page.

I think I have a similar issue: Making lightbox grid gallery out of CMS multi-image field?

Any ideas for this?


Is there no ideas on how to achieve this?

@Rudeism - I overcome this limitation with custom code and image CDN’s.

How do you do that in practice?

I handle the lightbox with and the image serving with The gallery of images is pulled via a field that contains custom code.

Sorry, I’m a bit confused. Is this a solution to the problem @codeLess asked about or a solution to the problem I asked in the beginning?

The only option is to do as you have been (multiple fields used for images), or via a custom code method like I described. This until Webflow allows you to use a multi-image field outside of the collection template page, which should happen eventually.