Wishlist users, you can re-affect many of your votes now :)

Some of the ideas in the Whishlist are either in development, planned or shipped, and all the votes affected to them are now useless. You can re-affect them now and give some more love to other ideas!

For example, there are more than 4500 votes on Grids, Ecommerce, Pagination and multilanguage and those ideas are being developped right now. Grid is even announced to be shipped very soon. Add even close to 1000 more votes that are affected to Pagination, currently in development.

On the other hand, some ideas could benefit from your votes.

What about “Support for tables”?

or, a better Asset Manager?

or, some better control for dates in the CMS?

The whishlist is useful and lately we got ton of feedback on various ideas. Go re-affect your votes or go create an account, participate!



Thanks for the reminder @vincent !

This is awesome! Thank you Vincent.

I’m a strong believer in creating new possibilities that can give us new type of client and a bigger marked. Webflow is already incredible fast so I don’t feel we need to go faster right now :slight_smile:

So how about the ability to make a CMS masonry grid. That would help me a lot getting creatives as clients.

Or the begges thing that I don’t understand not more people wants, way better forms so we can create a propper booking service together with e-commerce when that comes out. one two three four

Hi @krubens

On a related note re: ‘Grids’ @PixelGeek announced that @Lindapham will be on the next livestream to demo CSS Grid in Webflow (pencilled for Tues 14 Aug - 10am Pacific - subject to change)

Thats cool :slight_smile: I have actually tested it some.
The bad news is that you can’t make Masonry Grid with css Grid :confused:

this stream MAY be pushed back a bit. :grimacing:

Post updated to reflect :wink:

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