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The Wishlist needs improvements

  • Spending of votes - currently it’s too easy to expend one’s votes which makes it impossible to vote for new requests. There’s a workaround of unvoting for already completed requests, but it’s still a workaround and not known for a lot of users. A native and intuitive solution is required.

  • Different method of prioritizing - it is obvious that Webflow do not take votes into account. I personally do not think voting is a good way for deciding how to prioritize development, anyway. (It should be noted though, that if something is top-voted and widely commented, that is a quite good indication that it must be considered). It is not transparent how Webflow decide what to develop next and what not, with the exception of what they discuss publicly in their webinars.

I would like to suggest, as a starting point, a system similar to voting, but with more meaning put into it, that is, there are three options going with each request: “this is not yet possible to do on Webflow and it is a deal-breaker for me”/ “this is important for letting me do faster the things which are already possible on Webflow”/ “this is not of utmost importance, but I think it is small enough to be implemented fast”/ “I want this, but can wait for it if more important things are being developed”. Users would be able to vote for one of those categories. Thus Webflow would be able to know not only how many users want a thing, but also, how important is it for them.

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