"The Problem" Of webflow Wishlist for micro-changes

The Wishlist is great for Mega-Features (E-commerce, Lightbox CMS, Sorting, etc.)
Mega = More votes = More likely that it will move to development

Very hard to promote small “micro-changes” by Wishlist (You won’t get votes).

Three “very veryyyyyyyyyyy useful micro-examples”:


CMS - Add a way to categorize CMS feilds:
In webflow CMS it could be really aswome to somehow sub-categorize the CMS fields (More organize - Like invision & Pages)


Interaction - Webflow interactions build-in-animation:
Add distance (small-medium-large) --> very-usefull


SEO - Add site-name as a global field available in all pages:.

I want to globally change site-name (From "page-name | my-company" to "page-name | my-company NY") - go to setting --> edit title --> save!!

(Also useful when you duplicate template/starter site)

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That’d be pretty cool indeed !
The asset manager could benefit from it too :slight_smile:

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