Checking my plan is possible in webflow


I am trying to create a recruitment website that can do the following:

  • All me as an admin user to create user profiles
  • Allow those users to be able to log in and post positions that expire after 30/60/90 days
  • Once I approve the position they will be displayed on the website and people can search them by category or location
  • Visitors should be able to click on a vacancy and apply - the application should go to the person that posted the job along with a CV attachment (the CV does not need to be stored on the CMS)

Can all of this be accomplished on webflow? I have worked with bubble before but want to try something new. If things like postcode / radius search are doable too (maybe with plugins?) then I would love to hear about it!

Thanks for any help or just for reading this far!

Hey @DrNinjamonkey! Welcome to the Community!

While what you’re asking may not be 100% natively possible with Webflow, I think it could definitely be accomplished with a Zapier integration and maybe Memberstack. I’ve seen other users build tools in Webflow that have very similar capabilities in regards to allowing users to post positions using a form, and then using Zapier, the data gets uploaded to the Webflow CMS.

I’m going to tag @rileyrichter to see if he has any other ideas here - he’s the best Zapier (and web) expert I know! Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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Thats a good idea - they dont need to add stuff directly to the site, they just need to be able to fill in all the correct fields and submit it to something CMS-like for me to approve. I could probably have it done via a form and then approve via Zapier! Perhaps airtable > zapier > webflow might be a good idea. Thanks for the reply!

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Nice! Most definitely doable. I like the idea of incorporating Airtable too - could help make things easier.

Best of luck, and happy building! Let us know if you need anything :grin:

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@DrNinjamonkey, you would use the Non-Live CMS post trigger offered through the Webflow -> Zapier connection. This way you could approve the posts after you had time to review them.

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Got you - so set up a form / page somewhere off-site, have that post to webflow CMS via zapier but set to non-live, then i can jump on and approve. Sounds great!

If i wanted to add locations to job postings, would visitors have to view them as if by category (maybe have each county as a category) or is there a tool you know of to allow radius search?


@DrNinjamonkey, now you are getting into more custom code layouts for specific locations. But you can create specified locations based on where you are trying to build this for. If for ex. this is to be used on West Coast mainly you can create locations specific to that. But if you want to fine tune it more, then you will have to use custom code for locations.