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Will Zapier form integration continue to work for exported sites?

Since Weflow announced that forms will no longer submit on exported sites, I am trying to find an alternative. I setup Zapier integration, and then I realized I am not sure if the Zapier integration will continue to work. Anyone have any insight into this?


I tried this. It doesn’t work.

I wonder if its possible to manually connect the form to Zapier actions?

Have you tried turning your Zapier integrations off & back on? I believe Zapier launched some rather large updates in the past month or so.

Please let me know if this helps, if not can you please email us at I’m happy to look into this further?
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I’m finding Basin Forms to be the easiest integration for exported sites.
Followed this post and it works flawlessly:

If it’s imperative that you feed into Zapier, Basin offers that integration:

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Instructions were great, and it “seems?” to be working, even with an exported site, but I still don’t see any submissions coming through?

  • Does this take time to show up in Basin?
  • Should still get the email notification, right?

Thanks for any input you maye have

Hmm, yeah you should get the submission immediately. It’s tough to know without having access to accounts, to troubleshoot.

@path, you should just submit a test submission your form to confirm it is operational. There should be NO latency as @Port_of_Folio said. Either your form is set up correctly, or it is not. Testing is the fastest way to know.

Hey, thanks for the reply, it’s all good to go now. Was just a delay in Basin form set-up

Thank you. It’s all good now!