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Configurations for Webflow Forms on Exported Sites


I noticed that a lot of people saying Webflow Forms will no longer works in exported sites.
However, is there any workaround on this issue?

I am currently building a website with webflow form and it’s going to be exported and hosted somewhere else. I don’t need form data collection on my Webflow account. Just need a simple email notification to the client when there’s someone submitted the form together with the data input.
Someone mentioned about PHP or something. But I am a designer and don’t really know much about coding.

Is there someone able to guide me through?


Just found a very nice method of doing it using Basin.

  1. No “Unsubscribe” link for form submission notification email.
  2. Collectible data
  3. FREE

Thanks to @Joe_Hohman for the post. :grin::grin::grin: