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Will Webflow support 2FA Yubikey?

Hi there,

just curious. Will Webflow support the FIDO U2F Security standard for Two-Factor and passwordless authentication 2FA? I would love use my Yubikey to increase security with Webflow.


Hi @howdytom, support for yubikey is not yet integrated, but that is a great idea for the Webflow wishlist, see here:

I added yubikey FIDO2 support to the wishlist over a year ago. Currently you can use 2FA with your yubikeys in conjunction with the yubico authenticator app. This is how we have our account secured…we require everyone with team designer access to authenticate this way. It’s not FIDO2, but is the best option at the moment.


Thank for your replies. I definitely would love to see full support. According the Webflow wishlist listing there seems to be low interested in security keys, though. It’s a pity.

Jason, thanks, I upvoted on your feature request.

How can I add one or more backup security keys? Webflow 2FA is limited to one device only which is really bad. You are totally lost if your smartphone or Yubikey is stolen.