Webflow SSL Hosting

Hey guys,

Im wondering is there any update about suporting SSL (https://) ?
For one of my clients im making a website where people can donate thro a form on the website.
Been looking thro the forums and sofar i could found webflow doesnt support SSL yet.

Also since the intergration with zapier i think support for SSL would be a real asset for webflow.


I’m very interested in the SSL feature too. No need for some fancy brand, just one that does the job.

Agreed, I really think this should be a top priority. I know not everyone is doing stores/order forms etc. But not being able to process payments through a secure form is a problem. @LaurentCardinal I agree, as long as the bar turns green, I’d be good with that.

Yes, this would be helpful, please launch this feature as soon as possible.

Oh yes.
Being able to blog first, as that will bring so much more people to this platform, because it is beautiful…
And guess what?

Bloggers will want to monetize it - as it should be - as that requires adding a payment system with SSL.
Please please please, let us stay with you!!!

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Hi guys

You can use cloudflare’s universal ssl service (free) with a webflow hosted website to get https for your site.

Hope that helps


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Just add another voice. I’m producing sites for GP Practices and form data really does need to be secure from end to end. Perhaps a system such as Web Form Buddy could be introduced where data is secure from form to server then the client logs in to a secure served to retrieve the form submissions?


Hi @pnewest, thanks for your comments and voice on this, it is really valuable :slight_smile: I wanted to make a clarification that Webflow is already sending form data securely via SSL to our internal server.

When form data is submitted, those submissions are encrypted between your site and Webflow’s servers. The public facing URL is not using https, the url that is shown in the browser address field.


Hi Dave

Many thanks for your reply. Can I just clarify a couple of things.

  1. You say that ‘When form data is submitted, those submissions are encrypted between your site and Webflow’s servers.’. Does this include sites not hosted by Webflow? As an example, my site at www.webadore.co.uk has a Webflow contact form. Is data from this form secure from my site to Webflow’s servers?

  2. So the data has reached Webflow’s servers securely. What next? How do we get the form submission from Webflow’s servers to read it securely? The form submission details email sent from Webflow is going to be insecure, so are Webflow looking at a login facility to retrieve form submissions (as in the Web Form Buddy example I gave earlier) or any other secure route?

Many thanks again.

You can read my tutorial on how to add free ssl on your webflow hosted site: Here



Hi @pnewest, thanks for the followup, see my answers:

*#1: All form data that is submitted to Webflow servers is encrypted with SSL, no matter what server you are hosting on. If you point your forms at some other mail service provider or your own script, then data is not submitted to Webflow servers

#2: Once the data has been received to Webflow servers, you can login to Webflow and access your form submissions on the Forms tab of your site settings: http://help.webflow.com/elements/forms#form-submission-data. The Webflow login and access to your Form data on your Webflow site dashboard is encrypted with SSL and is secure.

​I hope this helps. If not, please let me know – I’m happy to assist further! :slight_smile:


Hi @cyberdave, many thanks for your response. #1 It’s great to know that forms move securely from Webflow hosted or other hosts to Webflow.

-#2: Whilst I can login into my Webflow account and read form submissions (so all secure), if say, I have 20 Webflow sites there isn’t a way, I can see, that my clients can individually login and get their form submissions. This is unless a login can be given for each site and just form submissions for their own site can be seen (which is how Web Form Buddy works). Or am I missing something?

Thanks again.

Hi @pnewest, you are correct. There is not a way yet for clients to individually login to view their form submissions, unless they are hosting the site in their own account, i.e. the Micro plan.

To get the form submissions to your clients, you can either send the form data along with the form notification by customizing the notification to include the form data, or to download the data for the client as a CSV file and sending that file to them.

White label access to form submissions by client accessing those directly in Webflow is a great idea though !


Agree here that its a option that should be included to webflow. For me it feels weird to have access to the form submissions from the websites i build for my clients. Specialy since i have clients in healthcare and those data shoudnt be viewable for others then those who its directed to.


I completely agree with @Joscreative. White label access to form submissions by clients accessing directly in Webflow will be a great addition to Webflow. Looking forward to the announcement! Thanks for giving the idea consideration @cyberdave :grinning:


Hi, we figured out how to do this while still hosting a site on webflow; just use cloudflare for your DNS settings, redirecting traffic from where you currently hold your domain names eg:name.com, godaddy.com, etc… through cloudflare.

Then turn on Cloudflare’s “Full” SSL setting in the Crypto section; https://www.cloudflare.com/ssl, after which you should have HTTPS and the green lock showing up on your webflow hosted page.

Hope this helps!

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Any updates on this? Is there a planned date for when you will support SSL for sites hosted on WebFlow?


I am with @jtcornelius - just wanted to follow up to see if there was at least a plan on the roadmap to move towards SSL. Anything you can share would be fantastic. Thanks and keep up the great work @cyberdave and team!

+1 on this request. SSL would be a great addition/option.

+1 Much needed :smile: