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Requiring two-factor authentication for editors?

Is it possible to require 2 factor Auth for editors to my site? We want to be running as secure as possible. Thanks.

Hi @iconartus That is a good question. At this time we do not have that feature. But I’ll bring it up to the team since it is a great security suggestion.

Thanks for quick response…is there a way for editors to opt into this ?

Since this feature is not in Webflow, there is no way for CMS collaborators/editors to opt into this.

However, there is a 2 factor authentication for designers/admins:

Okay, so just to confirm understanding… As an admin in webflow, I can enable 2fa, but editors cannot.

Seems pretty critical to provide this feature ASAP, right?

that is correct :+1:

Thanks! This is correct as well.

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