Only 50 variants allowed?

I went to create my first store on Webflow’s E-Commerce and right off the bat I can’t even add my first product because it has 81 variants between size and color. Does anyone no a way around this? What is the point of having such a small cap on this? Will this change soon?


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Encountering a similar problem…

A paid plan won’t have this limitation.

What do you mean? I have the Standard Ecommerce plan and still face the 50-variant limitation, it’s across all plans.

Come on man all you had to do was do a quick Google search and you wouldn’t have looked so foolish…

@PHRyan did you manage to find a way around it by the way? I’m thinking maybe embedding code could work.

Missed that one. Sometimes I fail, just not often. Honestly I don’t use e-commerce so I should have rechecked.


Unfortunately no I haven’t. Currently I use Ecwid and embed their buy button because they have a massive variation limit. But you don’t get all the great features of webflow e-commerce

I see, I’ll check out Ecwid. Thanks!

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Hi all.
For what it’s worth, you won’t hit a variant limit with Foxy + Webflow. More info can be found here:

We offer an unlimited free trial and free one-on-one onboarding. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if we can be of assistance. We’re happy to help.


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Thanks Josh @foxy , I checked out your product but decided it wasn’t worth the hassle for now. One suggestion - it would be great if you could add more information on how to implement your solution when there’s multiple products on a Webflow site instead of just a “send us an email” here: It doesn’t have to be too detailed, just something high-level that would help me gauge how much work is involved.

Hi @akagi.
Thank you for your feedback. Greatly appreciated. We’ve updated the information here:

Please let us know if your needs change. We’re happy to help you get started with Foxy + Webflow.


Yes, a big problem for me too.

I am setting up programmes with:

Product A: 10 flavours
Product B: 2 formulations
Product C: 4 flavours
Product D: 3 flavours

I am way short of variants and I am so close to getting my site finished, and live… Bummer.

Dear all,

I am running into another problem.
We are selling 1x table in 3x different price classes with different formats
So I would like to offer our customer first choose his price class 1-3 and then choose “depending” on the price class the format for the table.

For example:

  1. choose Price class: Price Class 1 = 1000 $
  2. depending on price class choose format: 180x80, 190x80, 200x80 and on…

but if customer choose different price class then different formats

For example:

  1. choose Price class: Price Class 2 = 2000 $
  2. depending on price class choose format: 220x90, 230x90, 240x90 and on…

How can I get this?? webflow will copy the product variants in all prices classes - I need for each price class a differen product variant (format)… any idea how to solve?