Width issues and containers

I’m trying to resolve some width issues on my site which are causing headaches. I’ve created a new container width which is set to 1200 px wide max, so that my text doesn’t expand too wide, making the line length too long. I’ve followed tutorials for setting standard container widths which I want to use throughout the site. Perhaps this isn’t the right way to do it but I would really appreciate some help. I’m still pretty new at webflow.

I would ideally like all content on my site (with the exception of larger full width images in the headers) to be contained to a smaller width for legibility.

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Megan's Portfolio

Here’s an example of how this width isn’t working out for me. The menu and header are both abiding by the set width, but they aren’t centering in the window like the body copy in the middle section is.

Hey @MeganBH , your container max-width process is totally fine. To have your containers centered, all you have to do is select your container and set its left and right margin to auto.

An easier way to do this would be is to select your container and head over to your styles panel and click this:

Your navigation is now centered to your viewport:

@imtiazraqib WOW, thank you so much! What a simple solution, hiding in plain sight.

Glad I was able to help, happy designing :grin: :+1:

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