Container width and positioning in flexbox settings

Hi all,

I’m struggling to figure out how to make my container inside a section full width. The section is set as a flexbox so some containers with little content are centered and not full width so that they are just floating on the page.

How can I align them to the left and make them full width, just like the other containers?


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Hey @annikaschneider, your containers are centred because they have left and right margin set to auto. And they’re not going full-width because you have a max-width set of 1048px -

I’d personally recommend moving away from using the actual container elements, and making your own containers using div blocks, as you have far more flexibility.

That was easy, thank you so much. I went ahead and created a div with the same class I use for the containers and I worked out perfectly. Thanks!!

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Oh that’s perfect, I’m really glad to hear you found a solution! You’re very welcome! :smiley: