Custom Container width doesn't work on all elements/images


I made a portfolio-website. I have a small problem with my design. I tried to change the site container width to 1200 in the custom code, but not all images/columns in the containers are changing. (See the attachment of screenshots.) Where the projects is a collection,each collections is in a container with its images/elements. It has a grid-system where some images are in two columns and some are in one.

I change my container (with the collections list in it) to flex box, but it still doesn’t work, and some of the images stretches. If this is more easier to understand: I have a collection called projects - like a portfolio. Each project is in a container with photos, (scroll down portfolio), when I change the container with in projects settings, this images is not in the same width as the container… But when I change the container back to the standar with, its no problem. I just want to have a site that is a bit more wide than 940px.

Thanks for help!

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - radiusdesign
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Your containers have display flex on them. This overrides the child elements. Avoid using flex on containers. If you have to, drop a div inside the container and flex them instead.

You are probably using flex too liberally without planning the layout first.

Please put the custom code back (and republish) so we can see what’s going on.

Ok, I have done it know

I can see the new container width taking effect now.

I can’t seem to find an instance of this issue, could you link to a page with this problem?

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