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Container width 1200px problems

Hey guys,

I tried looking through the forum but couldn’t find anything in regards to this so far.
I finished a website for one of my clients recently. He wanted the site to be 1200px wide so I used the max-width field to set it to 1200px. The problem I face now is that on desktop it is only 1150px wide until I decrease the viewport width to 1200px. As soon as I do that, the content stretches to the desired 1200px and reacts normally from there on to all the smaller viewports.

This does not happen in the Designer view, just on the live site.
Here is the link to the live site:

I hope I described the issue well enough, if not please don’t hesitate to ask.
I would be very happy, if someone were able to help me with this!

Kind regards and have a nice weekend,
Niklas Mucker

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I’m not seeing this effect. Here it’s 1200px wide in the desktop breakpoint at all times (except when the viewport is under 1200px of course).

My bad, I forgot to mention: This does not happen in the Designer view, just on the live site.
Live site link is:

You’re using a container element which has set dimensions from the get-go. Swap out “Container 4” with a DIV and set max-width: 1200 on it.

But Webflow themselves say that container can just have custom-widths. I now switched to a div as you suggested, but now it does a short resize on every reload and the responsiveness is gone until tablet viewports kick in.

And also the normal width of the container is usually 940 pixel, but for me it is 1170px, it just doesn’t make sense to me.

I never use container elements because of weird stuff like this. Just use a regular div instead.

What do you mean about resize? It shouldn’t do anything like that. And it’s still responsive if you use max-width.